The weather is dreary and the holidays are over.  If you’re getting cabin fever sitting around at home, it’s time to get up!  A local distillery tour is just the thing to spice up a boring January weekend.

What’s it like?

Good question!  Our distillery is pretty informal, and since we’re a small batch manufacturer we don’t have a huge plant or warehouse – just one small facility with a state-of-the-art copper still.  So we’ll be happy to show you around and explain our process, give you a little history lesson or explain the quality difference between small batch manufacturers and big names in the whiskey business.  And naturally, we are always on hand to answer any additional lingering questions you may have.

Are there tastings?

Of course!  We are very enthusiastic about people trying our products – good whiskey is so expensive that many people shy away from purchasing it because they are afraid they won’t love it.  Not only are you free to taste every one of our Red Eye and True Kinship varieties, but we will strongly encourage you and offer recommendations based on other whiskeys and drinks that you like.

Sounds awesome!  How do I sign up?

We accept requests for appointments – just give us your email address here.  Otherwise, our distillery is open to the public on Fridays from 4 PM to 7 PM, and Saturdays 11 AM to 5 PM.  We hope to see you here!